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E-cig concerns rise with popularity

20140611113753_40196MINNEAPOLIS - The Uptown Vapor Shoppe was the first e-cigarette store of its kind in Minneapolis.

In just a year manager Jesse Sigel has seen his customer base grow and his products expand.

"We've got Gummy Pear … Maui Waui is a dragon fruit so that's tasty," Sigel said.

Those tasty flavors are raising red flags from organizations including the Centers for Disease Control and the Minnesota Poison Control.

"The amount of nicotine it takes to be toxic to a child or even potentially fatal is actually quite small," said Dr. Jon Cole, Poison Control Medical Director.

Just a few drops of e-cigarette juice can be fatal for a child, according to Cole. Luckily, Minnesota hasn't seen any fatalities, but Cole said he's worried.

From 2011 to 2012 the center received very few calls about e-cigs. So far this year, the center has already received 62 calls, according to Cole.

"Some of them are children getting into the product, whether it's just the vaporizer or the liquid itself and some of it is people using the product," Cole said.

Of those cases, about two percent end up in the emergency room. A recent study from the CDC found calls to poison centers are up across the country. In 2010, centers saw on average one call per month. In 2014, it was 215 calls.

At the Uptown Vapor Shoppe Sigel puts safety caps on all his juices even though there is no law requiring it.

"We'll play our part by having the child proof lid, and that's all we can really do right now," Sigel said.

The rest is up to parents to keep the often sweet-flavored poisons out of reach.

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