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How Do You Fill A Clearomizer With E-Liquid?

Although clearomizers come in a variety of brands, sizes, and designs, they are generally constructed the same. The primary distinction between clearomizers is whether they are top coil or bottom coil. This simply refers to the location of the atomizer coil. The majority of clearomizers nowadays are bottom coil.

To fill your clearomizer, you first need to unscrew either the base or the top portion where the mouthpiece is located, depending on the clearomizer you are using. If it’s a bottom coil clearomizer, you will be removing the base portion. Once you have done so, very slightly tilt your clearomizer, and fill the tank portion with e-liquid. It is very important that you don’t get any liquid into the center hole. To ensure this, allow the e-liquid to cascade down the side on the tank until it is filled up to just beneath the center air hole.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Change the Atomizer Coil?

You will know when the atomizer coil is due to be replaced when you begin experiencing certain changes with the taste and performance of your clearomizer. You will notice that when you have a fresh atomizer coil in place, your will obtain large vapor clouds and robust flavor from your e-liquid. The first sign that your coil is starting to burn out is when the vapor production is less than it was when you first started using it. The second indication that your atomizer coil needs to be replaced is that the flavor will be less tasty, and will begin to show a burnt taste to it. This burnt taste will become more and more apparent as the coil starts to burn out. The flavor will be completely burnt, and your coil will ultimately stop working if you don’t replace it. We recommend that you change the coil at the very first sign of the burnt taste.

How Do You Change The Atomizer Coil?

There are essentially two types of clearomizers: bottom coil and top coil. This simply refers to the physical location of the atomizer coil. If it is a bottom coil clearomizer, the atomizer coil will be located at the bottom of the device. If it is a top coil clearomizer, the atomizer coil will be located towards the top of the device. The majority of clearomizers are bottom coil, but top coil devices are certainly out there.

For a bottom coil clearomizer, simply unscrew the base of the device until it is removed. Attached to the center of the base will be the atomizer coil. Unscrew the coil and discard it. Then, screw on your new replacement coil. Finally, screw the base back onto the clearomizer, and you’re all done.

For a top coil clearomizer, simply unscrew the top portion of the clearomizer where the mouthpiece (drip tip) is located. The atomizer coil will be attached to the center of that component. Unscrew the atomizer head and throw it away. Then screw on the new atomizer head and attach the entire component back to the clearomizer.

It is important to remember that when you put in a fresh atomizer coil, since the wicks located within the coil are dry, you will have to puff on your ecig a few times to draw liquid to the wicks. Until the wick is adequately saturated, you will experience a burnt taste. This is completely normal. You can either take short, rapid puffs without inhaling until the wicks are wet with e-liquid, or allow your clearomizer to sit for 5 minutes or so standing upright. The wicks will slowly absorb the e-liquid, and you will be able to avoid any burnt tasting hits.

How Do You Prime A New Atomizer Head?

There's nothing like a fresh atomizer coil, but as most vapers experience, the first few puffs with a new atomizer head can have a burnt and unpleasant taste to it. To minimize this problem, priming your atomizer coil is a good idea. Priming your atomizer coil essentially means saturating the dry wicking material with e-liquid so that when the device is activated, it vaporizes the e-liquid rather than burn the wicking material.

There are four simple and easy steps involved in priming a new atomizer head:

Step 1) Before the new atomizer head is screwed onto the clearomizer, put a couple drops of e-liquid into the holes where you can see the wicking material, which is usually white in color. Allow for those drops of liquid to be absorbed into the material. For top-coil or long-wick clearomizers, simply saturate the individual wicks with e-liquid.

Step 2) Screw the atomizer coil back onto the clearomizer, making sure that the tank is filled with a sufficient amount of e-liquid.

Step 3) Without pressing the fire button, take some deep drags off your device. If the air hole is visible and accessible, use your finger to cover the hole(s) while taking the drags.

Step 4) Press the fire button and take several short rapid puffs without inhaling the vapor. Repeat this step three or four times. Once this is complete, your new atomizer coil will be primed and ready to use.


How Do You Clean Your Clearomizer?

Cleaning your clearomizer or glassomizer is rather easy task. However, it is important to note that you can only clean reusable clearomizers, not disposable ones. Some clearomizers can be fully disassembled while others cannot. Regardless of what type you have, the steps required to clean your clearomizer are generally the same.

Step 1) Unscrew the portion of your clearomizer necessary to access the e-liquid reservoir and empty out all of the e-liquid within the tank.

Step 2) If your clearomizer can be disassembled, take each individual component apart, making sure to remove the atomizer head. If your clearomizer cannot be taken apart, then simply remove the atomizer head.

Step 3) Run the various components of the device under running water. Make sure that everything is thoroughly rinsed and cleaned. Never use soap, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or anything of the sort when cleaning your clearomizer. All you need is water. If the drip tip can be removed, however, it can be cleaned with soap.

Step 4) Shake the various components vigorously to rid it of as much water as possible. Then, use a paper towel to dry the rest of the clearomizer as best as possible. Don't worry if there is a very minor trace of residual water inside the tank, just try to dry it as well as you can.

Step 5) Screw the atomizer head back onto the appropriate component. It is recommended that you replace your atomizer coil after the clearomizer has been cleaned, but the existing one can be used as well.

Step 6) Simply put all of the various components of the clearomizer back together, fill it with e-liquid, and you are ready to start vaping with a freshly cleaned clearomizer.

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