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ProVape Closed! Provari vaping icon said goodbye

ProVape, maker of the iconic ProVari series of personal vaporizers, announced its closing last week. The company was one of the first American vaping manufacturers to produce a variable voltage device. The company sent an e-mail to customers explaining the decision.

Before we begin, here are some things you must know

The company was founded by former employees of the Washington state aerospace industry. It was located in Monroe, WA, about 30 miles from Seattle.

ProVape was one of the longest running vape manufacturers within the United States, one of the most recognized brands, and their products offered one of the best vaping experiences money could buy.  Ask anyone who’s owned or used a ProVari, and they’ll tell you it truly delivered in all aspects.  Unfortunately, there are many of you new vapers that haven’t heard of this brand.  However, we would like you to know that without them, the devices we use, the way we vape, and definitely the quality we expect, wouldn’t be what it is now.  For that, we thank you ProVape for the many years you’ve put in, the products you made for us, and the lives you’ve saved.

Provari Fuel will sell from stocks their the remaining ProVari’s, accessories and e-liquids. A third party ProVari repair technician will provide repair services for after market sevices on ProVari devices.

Software updates for Radius and P3 will remain accessible until January 2018. The ProVari Team informs customers that there won’t be any new software updates.

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