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Simple Guide to Find Your Perfect Level of Nicotine

For those of us who chose to make the switch to vaping, we quickly learned that there are more options in vaping than smoking traditional analog cigarettes. Entering the world of vaping leaves many people with some questions before they can fully experience what vaping has to offer.

One of the most important questions is: What level of nicotine do I start with?

Answering this question can mean the difference between enjoying your vaping experience or going back to older habits because of a bad experience. Here are some ways you can get things right when you first start vaping.

Too Much Nicotine

When you take your first pull from a vape and you experience too much throat hit, this is your first sign that you should go for a lower level of nicotine. Too much throat hit does not mean that the e-Liquid is bad It will be more pleasant if you reduce to a level that gives the right amount of throat hit to suit your preference. If you smoke a lights and you choose a high strength e-liquid, you might experience nicotine overload because your body will intake more nicotine than it is normally accustomed to while you were smoking analogs. In this case the throat hit may be too intense. This can result in not enjoying the vaping experience but you only chose to start vaping with the wrong e-Liquid nicotine strength.

You will also know the nicotine levels are too high when:

  1. You inhale and the back of your throat burns or feels uncomfortable
  2. You get dizzy
  3. You feel light-headed
  4. You get a headache

If you experience any of the above symptoms, you should reduce the nicotine level. Even one strength level is enough to improve the experience.

Too Little Nicotine

Have you ever seen vapers who vape and smoke cigarettes within the same time frame? This happens for a few reasons. One of the main culprits is vaping on a nicotine level that is too low for you. When the body becomes accustomed to a certain level of nicotine, vaping on a nicotine level that is too low may cause you to vape and smoke cigarettes at the same time.

When you choose an e-Liquid that is lighter than the analog product, this will cause a person to go into a phase of compensation smoking. This means that you will need to either vape more, smoke analogs or find other ways to make up for the nicotine your body prefers. This causes confusion in many vapers who are starting out. When they choose a low level of nicotine which is lower than what they are used to, their body will crave the normal dose of nicotine. This causes some vapers to return to smoking analogs. It would have been more appropriate to customize the strength of the e-liquid nicotine levels.
These two situations are why it is really important to find the perfect level of nicotine for your personal preferences.

Simple Guidelines For Nicotine Levels

  1. If you are a multiple pack-a-day smoker using full flavor cigarettes, then you should go for a 18mg nicotine level
  2. If you smoke lights and consume up to 1 pack-a-day, choose 12mg nicotine e-Liquids
  3. If you smoke ultra lights and smoke less than 1 pack per day, choose 6mg nicotine strength e-Liquids
  4. If you smoke ultra lights and smoke less than half a pack per day, choose 3mg nicotine strength e-Liquids
  5. If you smoke a few ultra light cigarettes per day, choose 1.5mg nicotine strength e-Liquids
  6. If you just want to vape for the flavor and fun of vaping, choose a nicotine free e-Liquid
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