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Could vaping be the right solution to avoid weight gain after quitting smoking?

As many of us know, giving up smoking always leads to some minor or major weight gain, as the lack of nicotine and boredom direct us right into the path of unhealthy eating habits and worse.
As noted by Reuters, a recent study conducted in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and published in the Nicotine & Tobacco Research journal suggests that vaping may help traditional smokers lose weight as they try to quit tobacco products.

Food flavourings and the rhythmic, repetitive actions of vaping can help to distract users from cravings and hunger, but it should also be made abundantly clear that this solution is not recommended for anyone who doesn't smoke.

Electronic cigarettes with flavoured liquids could help with weight control, according to a commentary co-authored by New Zealand researchers. The article, titled ‘Could vaping be a new weapon in the battle of the bulge?’ was published 2 months ago in Nicotine and Tobacco Research and outlined current scientific knowledge of the effect of vaping on weight control.
The researchers — including two Massey University academics — said that while research was needed to determine the link, there could prove to be significant gains for public health.

“Vaping’s use of e-liquids with food flavours, along with the mouth-feel and aroma of the vapour and the hand-to-mouth actions of vaping, could play a role in helping people eat less,”

Associate Professor Marewa Glover said.

If true, vaping could be particularly beneficial for people who are battling weight gain as they quit smoking. Vaping could be ‘The New Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge’ . Also of concern is the attraction of non-smoking girls and young women to food-flavoured e-cigarettes in the hope of weight control. E-cigarettes might have potential to reduce obesity in some, but they are not a panacea for the population and we will need much more detailed research to know if they can ever be used effectively and safely.

While the potential link between vaping and weight loss may be music to the ears of people looking to drop a few kilos, the health issues associated with vaping are still being investigated.

As Professor Marteau points out:

“In the absence of direct evidence about the impact on weight of vaping with food-flavoured e-liquids, caution is warranted over any suggestions of their weight loss properties. Studies are now needed to assess their potential for harm as well as good.”

However, People who switch from cigarettes to vaping can experience better breathing and more stamina much more quickly than they imagine. While they’ll still have to get together the motivation to make it to the gym, burning lungs and running out of breath can no longer be their excuse for skipping it!

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