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Watch A Congressman Rep. Duncan Hunter Blow a Vape Cloud During a Congressional Hearing

Rep. Duncan Hunter wasn't blowing "smoke" when he made his case against an amendment to ban vaping on planes.

Actually, it was something more like water vapor. A vocal supporter of e-cigarettes, the California Republican proudly declared, "Yes, I vape," in an op-ed last year

He opened his argument to allow the practice on flights by inhaling a load of e-juices. Before launching into a tirade about miracles e-cigs perform for health, in terms of reducing cigarette addiction, he blew a big ass vape cloud.

"So this is called a vaporizer," Hunter said as his neighbor tried (literally) to clear the air.
"There's no combustion, there are no carcinogens ... there is no burning, there is nothing noxious about this whatsoever."

Vaping, which is currently forbidden by most major airlines anyway, looks set for a federal restriction.

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